Giovanni Gagliardi


Born in Pisa, Italy, 1967


1985-1993 Studied at the Computer Technology University of Pisa, ITALY

1994-2014 Worked in three different computer companies

Since 2014 Freelance photographer


I really can’t remember the times where I traveled without making pictures.

It was more than 20 years ago and I was a completely different person.

But something changed when I bought my first digital camera.

The easy way you can make and review your photos quickly captured my fantasy and engaged me in a new world.

I always loved to travel. My parents taught me the joy of exploring new places.

Since I was a child I followed them on their trips and started to understand how a place can be so fascinating to remain always impressed in your memory.

Soon I began following workshops and reading books about photography.

Every single information I caught made me hungry for the next one.

I tried to deeply understand my point and shoot camera and eventually decided to enter the realm of DSLRs.

I began with Nikon, and never looked back. My first DSLR was a D80 and my only lens a Nikkor 18-200.

For two long years, I only used this equipment, I wasn’t ready to harness the power of better lenses.

After making many journeys around the world, about nine years ago I discovered the world of microstock.

The chance of selling my beloved pictures across the internet triggered a series of events that changed my life and my spare time.

In these years I used my microstock earnings to buy new lenses and new cameras, thus improving my overall work quality.

I continue to read all sort of things about photography and I’m always eager to begin new projects and learn something new.

In this world it’s not difficult, you have so many things to learn that you just can’t do it in your whole life!

Since 2014 I left my job to become a freelance photographer. Now I have the time to do what I love more, explore the world through the lenses.


I hope you’ll enjoy my work and contribute to make it better, giving me suggestions and criticizing my pictures.